Christopher M. Russo is the chief economist for Republicans on the U.S. Senate Banking Committee. Appointed by Ranking Member Toomey, he advises members on economic conditions and policy issues. He is also a doctoral student in economics at George Mason University. His research focuses on monetary economics and economic history.

Mr. Russo was previously a postgraduate research fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He provided expertise on monetary policy, sovereign debt, and financial markets. Prior to Mercatus, he spent his career advising top policymakers at the Federal Reserves on these areass. He held roles on the Trading Desk at the New York Fed and in Economic Research at the Chicago Fed.

Russo has been published by prominent outlets including National Review, The Hill, Barron’s, and Morning Consult. His views have been quoted by WSJ, CNBC, Reuters, S&P Global, and other leading news organizations. Russo has regularly appeared on live broadcast media, such as C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. He has also testified before the United States Congress.

Russo earned a master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago. He completed his undergraduate work in Mathematics and Economics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

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